Welcome to the LFit Family

Owner of The LFit Experience

Laguena Portis, Certified Personal Trainer, better known as “L” is a fitness professional with over four years of experience in group training and over two years of experience as a personal trainer. She has a passion for helping others on their fitness journey by motivating and inspiring each client to reach their goals and choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. 


She began her own fitness journey with Dizzo 365 Fitness in 2012. She was looking to help herself lose unwanted weight and did just that! From there she discovered a love for strength training and after seeing her own transformation, she continues to live a healthy and more active lifestyle. She was given an opportunity to show others the way to a healthier lifestyle by becoming a Group Fitness Instructor and later on became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Today she continues to motivate and inspire others to join the LFit Experience Movement, “Living The Fit Life.”


The LFit Experience will give you the motivation you need to reach your goals, & live a healthier, more active lifestyle.  


Mission: All Progress Takes Place Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Vision: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable.